Passion Flower

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Origin:  India

Botanical Name:  Passiflora incarnata

Description:  Passion flower is a vine native to Asia, New Zealand, Australia and tropical regions of the U.S. It is often combined with other calming herbs like valerian root, chamomile, or lemon balm.  

Passion flower is considered safe in therapeutic dosages, but should not be used during pregnancy or lactation. Note, however, that this herb may increase the effects of blood-thinning medications, sedatives, tricyclic antidepressants and anti-seizure drugs. (no caffeine, low antioxidant)

Brewing Instructions:
Use 1 teaspoon of tea leaves per 8 oz of water. Steep in just boiled water that is around 200°F-212°F, for 3-5 minutes or longer, depending on taste. 

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